Assessment and Observation Policy




At Stepping Stones Montessori Nursery we will assess the learning and development of children to track progress and plan individual learning journeys to enable children to make the optimum amount of progress and achieve more.


Stepping Stones Montessori Nursery has written this policy to ensure that best practice and procedures are implemented at the Nursery. This policy complies with the principles and requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the Montessori Philosophy.



·         To use assessment to gain a full picture of each child’s skills, strengths and weaknesses.

·         To track progress of learners to ascertain the impact of services and activities at the Nursery.

·         To identify the steps the child needs to take to ensure sustained and continued progress.


Implementation of Policy


Assessment of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage is ongoing and drives the teaching and learning process in the Nursery.


The Nursery will adopt the following strategies to assess children;

  1. Observation – Children will be assessed and notes made and recorded in their EYFS profile.
  2. Questioning and Discussions – Members of staff will question children to ascertain and evaluate their learning and progress.
  3. Video and Photos – Images will be recorded of children’s work and achievements and filed in their EYFS profile.

4.     Marking – Analysis and marking of any work or recordings children make.

·         The progression of learners is recorded, daily against the Early Learning Goals.

·         The Nursery will share children’s assessment records and observations with parents on a regular basis, and parents will contribute their own observations from home continually, so there is a two-way communication between home and nursery.