Equal Opportunities Policy


Every child has the right to equality and no child should be discriminated against, regardless of their racial origins, gender, family grouping, class, ability, disability, and cultural and linguistic background.


Introducing children to the diverse nature of society enables them to become part of the community, ensuring that they value themselves as well as others.




No child will be denied access to education on the basis of their race, religion, gender or class. Each child's name will be recorded accurately and pronounced correctly.


Our staff actively take positive steps to remove barriers to achievement. They oppose any form of bias and ensure that:


         Children have access to books and music of different cultures and languages;


         Children have access to equipment which reflects the communities in which they live;


         Meal times enable the children to experience foods from different cultures.


Boys and girls are encouraged to participate equally in all activities and tasks. Boys need to develop their imaginative and caring skills, and girls need to be encouraged to take on challenging, adventurous and constructive play.