Missing or Lost Child Policy



Stepping Stones Montessori Nursery Ltd is committed to the values of the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda and places the safety of children in our care as the highest priority.  We  have put into place thorough systems and procedures which are an integral part of staff training and should ensure that children do not go missing or get lost whilst in our care.

We have written this policy to ensure that best practice and procedures are carried out at the Nursery. This policy complies with the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework.

Implementation of Policy

Missing child procedures

The setting has clear policies and procedures for dealing with children and learners who go missing from education, particularly those who go missing on repeat occasions. Managers and staff are alert to signs that children and learners who are missing might be at risk of abuse or neglect or extremism or radicalization.


Missing or Lost Child Procedures


The following procedures will be followed in the event of a child going missing or getting lost:


If the child is found, an Incident Report Sheet must be completed and the Nursery Manager will speak to staff and children involved in the incident.


If the child remains missing or lost the following procedures must then be followed:


Lost Child Procedure (Offsite Visits)


Offsite visits will be arranged to enhance the learning and enjoyment of the children at the nursery.


Preventative Procedures


Procedure for Missing Child on Offsite Visit


After 5 minutes if the child is not found the following procedures must be followed;


N.B - In the absence of the Nursery Manager, the person who is designated in overall charge will undertake the responsibilities of the Nursery Manager.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to Nursery Manager – Penelope White