Settling In Policy



The settling in period starts upon enrolment. Parents are requested to provide full written details of their childís routine, and if the child is transferring from another setting, a report from the setting should also be provided.


During the first week, the child and one of the parents (or someone with whom the child is familiar such as a nanny) will be attending the nursery for two hours a day.


From the second week onwards, the time the child spends at the setting will be gradually increased whilst the parentís time at the setting will decrease.


Parents are advised to provide a Ďtransitionalí toy for the child during their first few weeks at the nursery to comfort the child during the parentís absence and connect with home.


When children move from the baby room to the Montessori Class, parents are invited to spend a morning session so that they can see how the Montessori class operates.


If a child has still not settled in after six weeks we will hold a meeting with the parents to determine what action should be taken next.